Becoming a CPA the Hard Way

Contrary to popular believe, there is no easy way to become a certified public accountant. Passing the CPA exam takes tons of time, dedication, and hard work. There is no easy way to pass the exam or put in a small amount of effort. Either you focus and work hard or you fail. Those are the only two options.

Most people don’t really like those answers, but they are true. Anyone can become a CPA, but most choice not to because it is too difficult. It’s difficult to study for three to four hours a night over the course of a three-month period. It’s difficult to say no to your friends and family when they want you to do something with them, but it has to be done. There is no easy road to the CPA title. Everyone has to earn it.

Probably the most difficult part about studying for the CPA exam is putting aside distractions and actually focusing on what is most important. Studying and memorizing the information is pretty easy if you actually apply yourself. It’s the process of actually sitting down and focusing is what is most difficult.

Here in lies the key to passing the CPA exam. Get rid of all of the distractions in your life. Just get rid of them. Stop going on your phone and looking at the status updates that people post. Stop reading the tweet of the day. Stop turning on the television to watch the game or the highlight reel. Just stop doing everything that gets in the way of your studying. Once you can master the process of weeding out the distractions, you will be able to focus on what is important.

Having your full mind’s attention is the most important piece in the studying process. You will be able to accomplish so much more in a shorter period of time if you just use your entire mind and stop thinking about what is going on around you. Remember, stop, breathe, and focus. That’s all you need to do.