The Modern Age of Accounting Certification Exams

Twenty years ago before computers were very prevalent, we had to take tests with pencils and paper. These exams were difficult to take and even more difficult to grade. Individual graders would have to read each exam and analyze whether the answers were correct. Needless to say, it was a time consuming process and CPA candidates didn’t find out their scores for months.

Today the professional examination for certified public accountants is computerized. The entire exam is taken and graded on a computer system. This allows the exam to be taken faster, reviewed faster, and graded faster. There’s no way around it. The computerized system has improved the testing industry leaps and bounds.

Along with the changes to the CPA exam has come changes to the testing materials and review courses that candidates use to prepare for it. Some systems are far behind the times, whereas others have kept up and been able to create new responsive courses that help candidates adapt to the changes in that show up on the exam.

One of the most modern courses that are available today is the Fast Forward Academy CPA review course. This modern computer system consists of an adaptive program that learns the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. The fast forward academy review course materials consist of a test bank, video courses, text book, and a few different learning objective simulations. Each one of these sections can be used by the candidates to learn and remember concepts that will show up on their test date.

If you are taking the CPA exam today, we would recommend looking for a modernized study guide that will prepare you for the exam. You don’t want outdated review materials. Take a look at FFA. The Fast Forward Academy CPA review test bank gives you everything you need to study, learn, and remember the important aspects of the exam. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself.